Best Online Payday Loans In Nebraska

Payday loan companies have been providing financial help to borrowers for decades. But before online loan companies were widely available, you might have been forced to travel across state lines to make a payment. And shopping around for the lowest interest rates was a struggle–all, lengthy process that very few of us have the time to complete.

Today, there are more and more transparent ways to find the trusted payday loans you’ve always sought out. Thanks to the wide variety of online personal lenders, short-term loans are available to many eligible applicants who couldn’t access them before. 

If you’ve encountered a sudden emergency expense, car repair, or hospital visit, it doesn’t need to be a cause for alarm. We’re here to make your choice of the ideal online personal loans in Nebraska as straightforward and informed as possible.

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The 10 Best Online Payday Loans In Nebraska

In our review of the best online payday loans in Nebraska, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best providers in the state. Read on to the most up-to-date information on lending practices and recent laws that might have changing interest rates. 


Maybe Loan Nebraska Payday Loans

There are plenty of reasons to investigate payday loans online. Say you don’t want to borrow from relatives, or you need to cover a credit card payment, or perhaps your bank won’t sign a loan over to you. Nevertheless, it’s a good practice to only turn to online personal loans in Nebraska as a last resort. MaybeLoan can help you if there’s nowhere else to turn.

Thanks to the regulations of the state of Nebraska, payday lenders cannot charge more than $15 in fees. Additionally, interest rates are capped at $1 per $5 lent. The good folks at MaybeLoan are well aware of these regulations. 

The lending company promises a no-questions-asked online application process with cash in one business day. Their acquisition charges are average across the country, and they fall at 1/10 of the total personal loan amount.

On top of that, they have locations all over the state of Nebraska. The requirements for the application are typical for all online payday loans in Nebraska: you must be over 18 years of age and provide proof of legal status and address. You’ll have to provide super-secure 2048-bit encryption on the application, as this lender understands how important it is to keep your financial and tax information close.

2. CashCentral

Cash Central Nebraska Payday Loans

If you’re seeking to refinance from a Nebraskan location, you’ll find several options with Cash-Central. They offer $300-$500 personal loans for people with poor credit. You can also flexibly choose the best repayment schedule for you, with a maximum time of 30-45 days for personal loans. Remember that the longer your loan lasts, the more you’ll pay in interest.

In Nebraska, as many as 40% of adults have at least once resorted to an online source of credit out of necessity. However popular online loans may be, you’ll have to pay high interest up to 30%, service fees, and rollover fees if the payback is delayed. Keep these items in mind while shopping for your payday loan and signing on the dotted line.

Cash-Central claims that their online application process takes only 10-15 minutes, so you can get your cash fast. You’ll be required to submit proof of documents that confirm your regular income, employment, and age from 18-65. Credit checks are mandatory, and your qualification and APR depend on the results.


Speedy Loan Nebraska Online

As one of the smaller online payday loans in Nebraska with fewer than ten locations, it might be enticing to shrug off this lender as inexperienced. However, the opposite is true. SpeedyLoan offers a wide range of crediting services with a solid history of providing sound financial support to thousands of customers.

Interested borrowers will be able to take out a maximum of $1,000 in payday loans through this provider. You won’t pay any introductory fees, markups, or penalties in the event that you decide not to accept an offer. 

Their motto is “Make Haste Slowly”– an idea that shows their commitment to helping borrowers in need with fair rates and reasonable repayment windows.

FICO scores are required for their application, but they promise not to foreground poor credit in the process of paying out loans. However, you’ll also have to give them proof of income, employment, residence in NE, age above 18, and checking account information.

Like many competing lenders, you’ll be able to access your cash in one business day so that you can pay off your debts and start rebuilding your credit right away.


Nebraska Snappy Payday Loans

Just like every other online payday loan company in the state of Nebraska, you’ll be able to borrow as much as $500 at SnappyPayDayLoans thanks to recent laws that banned excessive interest rates on such loans. Additionally, these laws have made it very difficult to run a shady lending firm in the state, a fact that should further increase your confidence.

What makes this company different from its competitors is its commitment to transparency and its belief that bad credit shouldn’t bar you from accessing emergency funds. They offer up to 34 day repayment periods, too. Not many lenders have laxer practices.

Online applications through this company are easy to understand and require the following pieces of information: 

  • Proof of age above 18
  • Have an active checking account
  • Be a permanent resident of the state of NE
  • Proof of employment for at least one month
  • Can supply an active phone number and email address

Nebraska is one of the most highly regulated states on the policy of predatory interest rates, and SnappyPayDayLoans follows all the statutes. Delayed payment fees are now only $15, and additional charges can’t exceed $100. This company is quite honest and open.


PayDay Express

The lenders at PayDayExpress understand that there are lots of risks that come with opening up a line of credit with payday loan companies. They urge borrowers to use their service, but not to abuse it. Customers should feel confident that their lender expresses the realities of the industry. 

Their online platform is surprisingly transparent about displaying fees, interest rates, and a list of their services – from cash advances to wire transfers, money orders, and bill pay. They truly offer a one-stop-shop experience for all your financial needs.

With ten locations in the state of Nebraska, PayDayExpress is quite popular. This company currently offers payday loans despite many competitors leaving the state due to recent state laws that have capped the maximum amount of interest that payday lenders can ask for at a personal loan at 36%. Previously, high-interest loan providers could charge up to 404%! 

Nevertheless, their online services are expansive and should appeal to borrowers looking for reasonable and competitive interest rates. They charge $17.50 per $100 up to the state maximum of $500 for payday loans. Cash checking fees run up to 3% of the check amount. Finally, they charge no fee for cash advances.


Golden Valley Lending Nebraska

This lending company is well known across the western US as a legitimate group offering payday loan alternatives for borrowers in need of cash to cover expenses between paydays. By no means is it ever a good idea to seek out high-interest loans as a stable source of income. Instead, the people at GoldenValleyLending are there to help you navigate through difficult times.

You’ll be able to apply for between $300 and $1000 in Nebraska with the final amount contingent on creditworthiness, employment history, and other factors. They promise that, if you complete their online application before 4:30pm ET, you can expect funds transferred to your bank account the next day. That’s a very fast rollover, nationally!

They offer a streamlined online application that does require a credit check. However, they promise that your credit will not be the sole determination of how much you can borrow. Many payday loans demand that you pay it back with interest by your next payday (14 to 30 days). GoldenValleyLending has a big advantage over competitors because they offer month-long installment plans.

Unfortunately, this lender only offers payday loans and payday alternatives on longer repayment schedules. You won’t be able to sign up for online personal loans in Nebraska or online installment loans in Nebraska. We recommend that you check out other lenders for those specialized services.


Nebraska OPP Loans

Overall, Nebraskans have poverty statistics that fall a little below national averages, at 11%. Their median household income is also slightly subpar at $59,566. Under these conditions, there’s no wonder why many citizens of the Corn State search out payday loans online. 

OppLoans is a large national payday loan provider that provides online installment loans in Nebraska with affiliate lending partners that compete to offer the lowest rates and best repayment terms in the state. 

Borrowers can sign up for online short-term loans in Nebraska from $500-$4,000 with an APR maxed out at 160%. With new high-interest loan regulations currently a matter of law in Nebraska, those interest rates are likely to fall quite soon. 

Repayment terms through OppLoans are generous when compared to other payday loan companies. You can apply for a payback period as long as 18 months in the future. Keep in mind that these figures apply to online installment loans in Nebraska that are typically larger and require average to good credit. Borrowers with lower credit won’t have access to low rates.


ExtLoansUSA Nebraska Payday Loans Online

At some point, all of us will be faced with short-term income problems. For many people with good credit, the best solution is to take out a low-interest loan with your bank or ask for financial help from a loved one. Unfortunately, not everyone has squeaky clean credit. If you’re a borrower in need of emergency funds, ExtLoansUSA is a good option to check out.

This lender works hand in hand with dozens of direct lenders all across the state to get you fast cash as soon as one day after applying. You’ll need to prove that: 

  • Your age is above 18
  • You’re a legal resident of Nebraska with a stable address
  • You have a stable income and proof of employment
  • You have an active checking account 

That’s right: you won’t be subjected to a credit check at the time of application. Likely, later on, when ExtLoansUSA has paired you with a responsible lender, you’ll have your credit checked. However, it’s a testament to the trustworthiness of this company that they don’t demand a credit check right off the bat.

Cash advances from this lender are, on average, somewhere between $100 and $1,000. Repayment periods are firmly set at 30-day intervals. These terms are refreshingly straightforward. If all you need is a one-time lump sum of cash, and not a personal loan or online installment loan in Nebraska, then you might find this lender ideal for you.


Rise Credit Nebraska Online Emergency Loans

RiseCredit is a rapidly-growing national online loan company with a large number of satisfied customers. In a partnership with FinWise Bank, this company can offer online installment loans in Nebraska. At this time, they don’t have applications for any alternative loans like personal loans, auto loans, or payday advances.

As is common for installment loans, the repayment plan is forgiving and longer than payday loans. You’ll be able to open an installment loan from $500 to $5,000 with terms of repayment that go from 7 months to a lengthy 26 month period. While it may be enticing to receive $5,000, a 26-month repayment schedule will demand a lot of interest.

They estimate that their online installment loans in Nebraska have APRs of somewhere between 99% and 149%. Since installment loans weren’t included in the recent regulations passed to limit predatory lending practices, RiseCredit can maintain higher interest rates.

Luckily, this lender has several physical locations in the state of Nebraska. If you have direct questions, or simply prefer to apply in person, it should be no problem for them to help you. This lender is committed to providing its customers with a multitude of options. Online, you’ll be able to check out their helpful budgeting resources and a glossary of terms in case you’re in doubt.


Direct Check Nebraska Loans Online

With four physical locations in the state of Nebraska, Direct-Check is committed to serving its local community with quick cash through its well-designed online application process. They promise a payday cash advance in one day. What’s surprising is: they don’t require a credit check. 

Just because they don’t ask for your credit score doesn’t mean you won’t have to supply other proof of identification, checking account numbers, a bank statement, and a payroll stub. It speaks volumes from this lender that they trust borrowers even if your credit has taken a hit recently. Eventually, over 40% of Nebraskans take out a payday loan. They understand why.

Direct-Check has a simple cash advance process. Borrowers sign an agreement, write a check for the amount of the loan plus fees, then instantly receive the advance (less the fee). It’s an intuitive process that has helped many customers with fast cash.

Borrowing time for payday loans is, on average, 14 days. They charge a $15 introductory fee plus the state-mandated maximum interest rate of 36%. We think that Direct-Check offers some of the most reasonable payday loan terms that are sure to satisfy Nebraskans in need of an emergency influx of cash before payday.

VIDEO: Nebraska Votes To Cap Payday Loan Interest Rates


In the course of our review of online payday loans in Nebraska, we’ve continually returned to one piece of advice. Short-term loans can be ideal for helping us absorb the shock of an emergency lack of funds. However, it’s a good idea not to turn to these companies lightly. 

Compared to keeping up good savings techniques, going to a personal bank for a loan, or asking trusted friends and loved ones for help, payday loans are a last resort. 

In Nebraska, interest rates are now much lower than the national average as local legislation passed a bill to make predatory interest rates a thing of the past. 

We hope that our article on the ten best online payday loans in Nebraska can offer some guidance on where you can search for the personal loan that will fit your budget.

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