Comcast Customer Support Number

Ok, for those of you looking for the Comcast customer support number, it is 1-800-934-6489. However, I strongly urge you to NOT call the Comcast customer support number until you read this. Talking to Comcast customer support sucks. We all know that. So, what if there was a better way go get things changed on your account while simultaneously lowering your Comcast bill? This actually exists.

There’s a service that started a little over one year ago called Bill Fixers. The service was started when two brothers were on the phone with Comcast, for the 5th time, trying to get an issue resolved including lowering their raising Comcast bill. After dealing with the time they spent on hold, customer service reps that were not eager to help, transfers, and of course getting disconnected, these brothers decided to start up Bill Fixers. In short, they will call Comcast on your behalf. Not only will they help to make any changes on your account for you, but they will also negotiate a lower bill for you. If they don’t save you money, you don’t pay them, so essentially the service is free.

Why You Shouldn’t Call The Comcast Customer Support Number On Your Own

Whenever you call the Comcast customer support number, the representative you speak to has two main goals in mind. First, they want to make sure the call is as quick as possible (even if you’ve had to wait on hold for an hour). Second, they want to keep as much money at Comcast as possible. This is why less than half of everyone who attempts to get their cable or internet bills lowered actually succeeds. Not to mention, Comcast makes calling their customer service number a rather unpleasant experience, so most people never even try.

If you use the Bill Fixers service, you are all but guaranteed a lower bill. They have a success rate of over 90%. Not only that but oftentimes they can get your unadvertised deals and improved service for a lower cost. These guys spend all their time negotiating with cable and internet providers, so they know their stuff.

How The Service Works

It’s a pretty simple process. You will need to fill out this form on the Bill Fixers website. All they need is some basic info, along with a copy of your most recent Comcast bill. That can be a scanned copy, a screen shot of your online bill, or even a picture as long as it’s readable.

Once they receive your bill, someone will take a look, determine how much they think they can save you, and contact you with the good news. They will then call Comcast on your behalf and negotiate for a lower bill while also making any changes you need to have made.

Initially, I thought this was pretty cool, but I didn’t want to have to share any secret passwords, security questions, my mothers maiden name, or anything like that. I also didn’t want them calling Comcast pretending to be me. Fortunately, they don’t do either of those things. Usually all they need is the information on your most recent bill to get started. They also never call pretending to be the account holder. They always identify themselves as negotiating on the bill holders behalf. IN some circumstances, you may need to “authorize” them to negotiate your bill for you, but this is a 30 second process.

All the while, you sit back, relax, and wait to see how much they saved you. In the end, you essentially get paid to have someone else call the Comcast customer support number and deal with the hassle.

If you want to give them a try, visit the Bill Fixers website to learn more.

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