Best Payday Loans Colorado

If you need a quick supply of cash, payday loan companies have been there to help. However, up to only a few years ago, it could be challenging to locate the most trustworthy companies.  

You might have had to travel across town to make a payment or shop around for the lowest interest rates–all lengthy processes that very few of us have the time to complete.

Today, it has never been easier to find trusted payday loans in almost no time. Thanks to various online personal lenders, short-term loans are available to many eligible applicants who couldn’t access them before. Today, a sudden emergency expense, car repair, or hospital visit doesn’t need to be a cause for alarm with quick access to personal loans online.

We’re here to make your choice of the ideal online payday loan company as straightforward and informed as possible. So, we’ve compiled a list of the nine best online lenders of personal and short-term loans in Colorado. The list doesn’t have any particular order. 

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The 9 Best Online Payday Loans In Colorado

We will run through the main benefits and risks involved in applying for personal loans and provide some information about the companies themselves. Our goal is to match you with the most suitable online payday loans in Colorado for you by providing current and realistic data on high-interest loans.


Lend You Payday Loans In Colorado

LendYou is a payday loan connection site, which means they work with a network of lenders to ensure that you get access to a loan with interest rates and other details that will fit your budget and credit. Applying for cash advances online through a connection service is a good way to contact as many lenders as possible with minimum effort.

The lending limit for payday loans and short-term loans in Colorado is $500. That’s great because LendYou offers loans from the minimum amount of $100 up to $15,000. Their website is streamlined, professional, and does a good job connecting you to an extensive network of qualified, legit lenders. 

Upon applying, you’ll need to provide proof of earning at least a $1000 monthly income with a checking or savings account. Many competitors require a much higher income level, so we would call a liberal lending service, open to a large client base. 

While LendYou has a low barrier of entry, income-wise, and there are no fees for applying, some of its lenders charge very high-interest rates up to 1,386%. It will be difficult for many people to repay even the minimum $100 loan amount with those rates, so be sure to shop around among their lenders for lower rates. 


Check Into Cash Payday Loans Colorado

Check Into Cash has one of the most recognizable company names for many Coloradoans, most likely due to its massive TV presence and over 800 store locations across the country. The company boasts an impressive A+ rating from the BBB, too, which should give potential customers some relief knowing that the company will take special care of their loan requests.

Their online application process is famously straightforward, with the bonus that Check Into Cash loan experts are available 24/7 to listen to any questions you may have. They offer payday loans, short-term and installment loans, and title loans, serving a large number of individuals with the emergency funds they need.

In Colorado, you’ll be able to apply for up to $1000 installment loans and $500 payday loans that will be deposited in your checking or savings account in 1-2 days. You’ll need to be at least 21, have a SS number, ID, banking information, and proof of income to apply.

APR for payday and installment loans in Colorado fall below the average when you apply to Check Into Cash. You get the option of repaying in one week, two weeks, or one month when you apply for online payday loans, with interest rates rising as high as 400% on the short-term loans. Such high rates mean that it would be better to apply for a smaller loan–for groceries or a seasonal cost like tax returns–than their maximum amounts, generally speaking.


Money Colorado Tree Payday Loans

MoneyTree is an online payday lending company located primarily on the west coast, so keep in mind that it will be difficult to find a physical location elsewhere in the US. 

In Colorado, applicants have the option to repay their loans over six months, as opposed to the other states MoneyTree does business in, where you only have 14 days. Coloradoans do have the benefit of the more lenient repayment schedule, but APR is still very high.

Average interest on a MoneyTree payday loan is set at 216.91% with the 6-month repayment schedule. Compare that to the 573.57% rate in Idaho, a difference that becomes apparent when you only have two weeks to pay back a loan. 

MoneyTree has a few other services to offer, such as prepaid cards, check cashing, bill pay, money orders, and wire transfers. The company boasts some of the fastest response times to applications–most people hear back about the request’s status in one hour.

MoneyTree indeed has some of the higher interest rates to choose from, but the company has a good reputation for being upfront with additional charges, bounced check fees, and other costs that can add up to a lot of extra cash you might have to pay back. Overall, we think MoneyTree is a transparent company with a record of helping people.


Colorado Ace Cash Express Payday Loans

ACE Cash Express currently operates in 13 states, with many locations in major metropolitan centers in Colorado. They are primarily known for their easy online application process and quick payout of payday loans and installment plans. 

ACE is one of the few online payday loan companies that will lend to 18-year-olds, as long as you provide proof of income, SS number, and checking account number. They can provide extremely high-interest loans if your credit leaves something to be desired, but they do open their doors to a large group of younger people who may be in an emergency and lacking funds.

While it’s almost always a better idea to search for funds from other sources like a manager, loved ones, or elsewhere, ACE is certainly available for lending payday loans, installment plans, and title loans. In Colorado, you will be able to receive a maximum loan of $500 with an APR as high as 459.9%. ACE is by no means the cheapest loan company, but it will accept applications from a wider group of low-credit individuals.


Speedy Cash Payday Loans In Colorado

SpeedyCash is a nationally-recognized and super-popular online personal and installment loan service in Colorado with more locations than any other short-term loan company.

SpeedyCash has been around since 1997, and it’s consistently been innovating the payday loan enterprise. Its mobile service opened in 2015, making it one of the more modern companies out there. Many customers report that they received their payments on the same day.

In Colorado, applicants can obtain as much as $500 at an APR of 113.71%. That comes out as a $95 finance charge split up into four payments–lower-than-average charges in total. 

However, SpeedyCash does ask for a few additional charges that can quickly pile up. When opening the loan, they’ll include a 10% acquisition fee and a monthly maintenance fee of between $12.50 and $15, depending on the loan’s size. 

SpeedyCash offers applications for payday loans, open-ended lines of credit, and installment loans for a more extended repayment schedule. The company is well-known as a one-stop-shop for online loan applications, so the odds are, you’ll find a lender very quickly through SpeedyCash, hence the name.


Advance America Payday Loan Service Colorado

Advance America is a payday loan and installment loan company with over 1400 national locations offering high-interest loans for people whose credit is slightly lower than average. The company’s payday loans require an ID, SS number, proof of income, and an active checking account. Some payday loans don’t need a credit check, but installment loans will.

The loans you’ll apply for online at Advance America are all short-term loans with a typical repayment period of 14 days to one month. Since they distribute the loans with such a short repayment time, APRs are quite high. Some locations in Colorado reported nearly 400%, which is extremely steep and can catch many people in hard to escape cycles of debt.

Minimum loan amounts are set at $100 up to the state maximum of $500. The company has an extremely efficient lending staff, and they promise that online applications made by 10:30 am may be funded to a bank account by the end of the day. Very rapid payment times, comparatively.

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that some online payday loan companies cater to people with low to no credit, while others serve people with more credit to their name. Advance America definitely falls into the first category, with the consequence that its APR is higher than many competing companies. We recommend this company for low credit applicants, knowing that repayment may strain your finances. If you have average credit, try somewhere else.


Check City Colorado Payday Loans

Opening in 1986, Check City is one of the longest-running active online payday loan companies in Colorado, with dozens of physical locations to visit for questions and advice. But their online payday loan service is their most-used feature. The application process takes only a handful of minutes, occurs on one page, and all you need is:

  • A government-issued ID 
  • proof of employment
  • income info
  • bank account numbers 
  • and a personal reference

Check City pays out qualified applicants one day after signing. A benefit of applying online is being able to skip over the requirement that you bring a personal check with you if you apply in-person. That means you can expect money in your bank account in one day.

Check City is one of very few online payday loan lenders who offer their customers an extended payment plan if you can’t pay off the loan in the agreed-upon term. Check City offers repayment terms of one week, two weeks, or one month. If you request an extension, you won’t incur any extra fees–a major benefit. You can only ask for one extension per year.

Like other online personal loan companies in Colorado, Check City charges initial fees of $15-$30 per $100 loan and additional fees for verifying your identity. You should also be aware that Check City commands exceptionally high-interest rates. APR averages in Colorado fall between 214.71% to a whopping 1173.21%. 


Cash USA Colorado Payday Loans

Like LendYou, CashUSA connects customers through its online portal with a large network of lenders from all across the country who compete on the marketplace to offer you loans with the lowest interest rates and fees. CashUSA provides you with a wider spectrum of personal loan options than you’re likely to find when applying directly to a lender.

Like most payday loans based in Colorado, borrowers will have access to as much as $500 in personal loans. CashUSA is unique in the industry in that it offers some of the lowest interest rates for borrowers of good credit. Reviewers say they received APRs from 6% to as high as 36% on average for installment loans. Personal loans will have higher rates.

The online application for CashUSA is much more extensive than other online payday lenders. You’ll have to provide income proof, IDs, SS numbers, bank info, employer info, as well as more private details like whether you own a car, your job title, and other details.

Overall, CashUSA offers a streamlined interface as well as access to a wide variety of personal loans from which you can select the best company. If you prefer lots of options and like to calculate the optimal rates when you’re looking for a personal loan, this company might be helpful.


Checkmate Best Payday Loans In Colorado

If you’re searching for online personal loans in Colorado with more of a local feel and more personal attention for your case, Checkmate Loans may be a good fit for you. They offer various services, from a smaller payday loan to a larger installment loan or title loan.

Checkmate’s online payday loan service isn’t as professional or seamless as some of the bigger loan companies, and you may find the online application confusing in places. 

We recommend you check out this company after you try some of the major online short-term loans in Colorado. Since Checkmate doesn’t serve many people, they are eagerly looking to expand their clientele.

One feature of applying online through Checkmate is that they will not run credit checks on customers. While it may seem beneficial not to share credit information, customers should be aware that this policy may result in obtaining a loan with a very high APR.

This company charges hefty loan fees and introductory fees of anywhere between $16-$160, depending on your credit score and the loan size you’re requesting. Since there are many alternatives to online installment loans in Colorado, we recommend turning to Checkmate as a last resort. 


None of us is immune from occasional emergencies–car accidents, health events, and even a missed utility bill–that require us to shift our priorities and search for aid. The best online payday loan companies in Colorado are out there to save the day with a quick and efficient financial boost. 

However, it’s a good idea not to turn to these companies lightly. Compared to keeping up good savings techniques, going to a personal bank for a loan, or asking trusted friends for help, payday loans are a last resort. 

In Colorado, interest rates can be astronomical for some loans. We hope that our article on the nine best online payday companies in Colorado can offer some guidance on where you can search for the personal loan that will fit your budget.

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