ZocaLoans Review

Navigating the world of payday loans and short-term lending companies can be complex. There are several different ways to borrow money from a lender, and each lender offers varying interest rates and repayment options. 

For some individuals, qualifying for a short-term loan can be difficult, but ZocaLoans has set out to change that for the better. 

With their easy online application process and instant decision, clients who review the ZocaLoans procedure find it simple to use. For customers who need quick funding and do not have a good credit rating, this service could be the answer they need for funds to pay for an unforeseen expense. 

Let’s learn more about the company in our Zocaloans review.

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About ZocaLoans

Zoca Loans Review

Today’s market of payday loans is packed with companies that can lend money to people who need it fast. ZocaLoans aims to help those clients that may not qualify for other loans due to a lack of good credit or other factors that some lenders may require. 

ZocaLoans is run under the umbrella of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and has the right to operate as a tribal lender. This difference gives them more flexibility with lending fees, unlike other registered lenders across the country. 

If you have access to the internet, a driver’s license, and a valid checking account, you can easily apply for a short-term loan. In as little as five minutes, you can qualify for an amount between $200 and $1500 to help pay off unplanned expenses.  

With friendly customer service reps to help you through the application process, you can determine if you qualify for a loan in approximately five minutes. ZocaLoans knows how important the loan is to help your situation, and you could have the money deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day. 

The Pros Of ZocaLoans

Potential customers should make an educated decision on a payday loan company by reviewing the pros and cons beforehand. By exploring all of the benefits and ZocaLoans ratings, you are sure to see what is involved in a short-term loan.

Some of the positive aspects of a payday loan with ZocaLoans include:

  • Easy application process 
  • Good credit is not a factor 
  • Quick qualification decision 
  • Fast cash when you need it 

Here’s what you need to know about each of these features in detail. 

Easy Application Process

It is no longer necessary for potential clients to fill out pages of personal information to qualify for a small, short-term loan. In the past, this process would take an hour or more out of your day and would mean going directly to a lending company in person to fill out an application with all supporting documents.  

ZocaLoans has revitalized the face of instant loans with its easy application process. Not only do you not have to go into the office yourself, but you can apply online directly through their website. The entire procedure can take a minimal amount of time from your day, so you can get back to what is important. 

In about five minutes, you can complete the entire application for a short-term loan without taking time off work, finding a local location near you, or even finding childcare so you can handle these situations without your children present. Fill out an application while you wait for the bus, on your lunch break, or even after you put the kids to bed for the night. 

Good Credit is Not a Factor

You do not have to stress over having perfect credit or even good credit. Often, some circumstances prevent good people from having a terrific credit score. ZocaLoans is here to help anyone who needs cash fast, no matter what your situation may be. They do not punish you for your past payment history. 

ZocaLoans does not use traditional credit check methods with popular platforms like TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian to determine eligibility for a potential loan. These methods use your past credit history, while ZocaLoans focus on verifying the applicant’s personal information. This pre-approval process is done through some national databases, like CLVerify, Clarity, and Factor Trust.  

One positive aspect of not using TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian is how your credit rating could be affected by a pre-approval through these platforms. ZocaLoans avoids damaging your current credit by not using this method and verifying alternative information for a decision on a loan. 

Quick Qualification Decision

It can be frustrating to wait for a decision when you are in desperate need of a short-term loan. ZocaLoans knows how valuable your time is and wants to get you back to your routine as quickly as possible. The quick qualification decision helps you know exactly what amount you qualify for and helps lessen any stress you may have from a lack of current funds. 

There is no more waiting for hours or days to find out if you qualify. Within a short five minutes, you will know if you are eligible for the amount you want or if you need to reassess how much you need to borrow. 

Fast Cash When You Need It

If you find yourself stuck in a position where a payday loan is the only solution, you do not want to wait for your money. ZocaLoans understands how important it is to get your funds quickly so you can take care of that outstanding car repair or an unexpected bill. 

In as little as the next business day, ZocaLoans can transfer the money into your bank account through direct deposit. This procedure makes it easy for you to receive the funds you need fast so you can take care of those expenses. Clients will need an active checking account which will also be the same place they withdraw repayment funds from later on. 

The Cons Of ZocaLoans

The world of payday loans and short-term lending is not for everyone, unfortunately. There are some disadvantages to taking out a loan through vendors like ZocaLoans. Potential clients should explore the ZocaLoans comparison with other competitors to determine which route is best. 

There are some disadvantages to these types of funding methods. When looking at many ZocaLoans reviews, several drawbacks stand out, including: 

  • Extremely high fees
  • Inflated charges for late payments 
  • Not available in all U.S. states
  • Only available online

Here’s a detailed overview of each of these negative factors. 

Extremely High Fees

Many short-term lenders will capitalize on the urgency of their potential customer’s needs by charging higher rates than banks. 

While registered lenders that operate in the United States need a license for each state they perform business in, ZocaLoans is under tribal law. Although they have to abide by federal regulations, they do have some leeway with their costs they charge their clients, unlike their competitors. 

This contrast gives them the ability to charge higher fees than their competition. Part of the reason for the higher rate is the risk ZocaLoans takes with their clients who require funds quickly and without good credit. These extremely high fees help mitigate the risk they take with clients who may not qualify for a short-term loan with their financial institution. 

The ZocaLoans costs can vary from client to client, though. If you are less of a risk, you may qualify for a lower interest rate than someone who has a lower credit score than you do. 

Inflated Charges for Late Payments

One serious drawback of a payday loan is when a customer cannot follow their proposed repayment schedule. Being that the ZocaLoans organization governs under tribal law, their late penalties are significantly higher since they are welcome to extend any amount they please for late payments and any loan forfeits. Without a cap on their annual percentage rate, they can legally enforce the amount they predetermine. 

Unfortunately, if you face any late payment fees, it can be detrimental to your repayment schedule. This cycle can extend your short-term loan significantly. If you have a loan with ZocaLoans, it is best to stick to the repayment terms as closely as possible to avoid any late fee charges that may occur. 

Their website states that customers must contact them at least two business days before any payment is due. This way, they can possibly grant an extension or alternative methods of payment. There is a one-time courtesy extension that clients can use without any fees, though. 

Not Available in all U.S. States

ZocaLoans is limited to the clients they can serve throughout the United States, unfortunately. Depending on where you reside, you may or may not qualify for one of their short-term loans. While many registered competitor organizations need to hold a proper license to lend funds in a state, ZocaLoans does not have to follow this guideline due to tribal law. 

Even with this flexibility, they currently only serve 37 states across the U.S. Part of your eligibility in the pre-screening process will be where you currently reside. If you live in one of the 13 states that ZocaLoans does not operate in, you will not qualify for one of their installment loans. 

Only Available Online

For some individuals, having the ease of applying online makes their life easier. Alternatively, there can be circumstances where it makes customer service hard to reach. Without physical locations, a client has to submit a request online through the website, email their customer support team, or try waiting on hold to talk to someone. 

Waiting for an email response back or sitting on the phone while you have other things to do can put a strain on your day. Even though having an easy online application process makes life simpler, only having a digital presence can create communication issues with clients. This disconnect is especially evident when a customer needs to talk to a customer support rep quickly. 

Overall Reputation & Reviews For ZocaLoans

When looking at the ZocaLoans review statistics, the feedback is not as positive as some other lenders in the market. Since ZocaLoans are not operating in all states, the reviews are not as abundant as other financial lenders.

The Better Business Bureau gives ZocaLoans a 1-star rating out of 5-stars. Many of the available online reviews describe a lack of proper customer service or miscommunication with the loan repayments or qualifications. 

On the Consumer Affairs website, ZocaLoans carries a 1.5-star rating out of 5-stars. Many of the negative reviews talk of poor customer service or lack of communication. Although, there are positive reviews that include detail with a client’s experience of securing and obtaining a loan and repaying it within the terms.  

After examining many of the online ZocaLoans reviews, it is clear that customers are still looking for exceptional customer service, even from a short-term loan company. 

Q&A For ZocaLoans

If you still have some questions, we have you covered below.

Which States Does ZocaLoans Operate In?

ZocaLoans is only operational in these 37 states:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada 
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas 
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Which Type Of Loans Does ZocaLoans Offer?

If you need cash fast to pay for a hefty car repair or a large bill that you were not expecting, ZocaLoans has the perfect funding solution to suit these needs. They specialize in short-term loans between $200 and $1,500. Depending on the amount you borrow, these types of loans can range in length from 30 days up to months in total.

All of their loans are eligible for early repayment without penalties to help reduce the interest amount paid on the original loan. It is a recommendation to make extra payments if possible to pay off the loan earlier and bring down the interest costs.  

ZocaLoans products can be considered payday loans to be paid back quickly or as personal short-term loans of several months. The total amount you require and the repayment options will help determine precisely how long the terms are for your loan. 

How Do I Qualify For ZocaLoans Loans & Do They Require A Credit Check?

The guidelines to qualify for any ZocaLoans funding are simple. Before you apply, you must: 

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.
  • Be 18 years of age or older (depending on your state)
  • Have a valid checking account
  • Have a valid social security number
  • Have a regular source of income

For many individuals, this is all that they need to obtain funds through ZocaLoans. 

This company does not do a hard credit check through well-known sources like TransUnion or Equifax. Instead, they will run a soft check to validate your identity, and this way, it will not have any damaging effects on your current credit status. 

Although they do not require a minimum credit score, having a lower rating could affect how much interest you will pay in your total loan costs. 

How Much Does ZocaLoans Cost?

ZocaLoans has slightly elevated charges for their services due to being under tribal law. With this element, they do not have to follow the same regulations as other big-name lenders across the United States. There is no cap on what they can charge for interest, late penalties, and other service fees with this flexibility. 

While their website does not explicitly state their service fees or interest rates, they do give an example of a $300 loan paid over 12 bi-weekly payments. With this scenario, the proposed $300 loan has an interest rate of 795%. This inflated rate turns a small $300 into $1,188 of payments in just six short months. 

ZocaLoans also charges a $25 late penalty fee for any scheduled payments that are late, plus accrued interest. 

What Should I Consider When Choosing a ZocaLoans Lending Service?

If you are in a position where you need cash quickly to take care of some pressing life matters, ZocaLoans can help you fast and effectively. Similar to other lending institutions, you should carefully read over all of the terms and conditions before agreeing to a repayment schedule.

You can avoid any costly surprises later on down the road by having a clear idea of what interest charges you will incur and what their late payment fees are. You do not want to be stuck paying for a small loan over many months that will end up costing you 3 to 4 times as much as the original funds. 


Opting for a payday or short-term loan can be difficult, especially from a private lender like ZocaLoans. These funding options should only be used as a last resort when all other choices have been exhausted. Often, individuals will get stuck in a debt repayment cycle where they are continuously repaying their debt to lenders at inflated rates. 

There are many situations where a short-term loan will come in handy, and you can pay it back effectively. If you need cash fast and do not possess a perfect credit rating, ZocaLoans can help out in a pinch. With their quick and easy application process and next-day direct deposit, you can have the money you need quickly without the hassle other lenders have.

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