Online Payday Loans In California

Finding online personal loans in California may prove difficult since California has such restrictive rules and regulations regarding payday loans. Typically the most substantial sum an individual can take out with online installment loans in California is about $255. Most places won’t allow for it since the state only permits payday loans as a last resort. 

Fortunately, we understand that sometimes you need a payday loan before you reach that last resort phase when dealing with your finances. That’s why we’ve researched around for the best online payday loans in California to provide you with the best possible outcome. 

Below, we’ve narrowed down your search to the top 10 best online payday loans in California, all of which provide adequate funds without substantial damage to your credit score or financial standing.  

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Best Online Payday Loans in California

Here are the top 10 options for online payday loans in California: 


Check City California Payday Loans

If you’re looking for more than a bi-weekly loan payment term, you might want to look to Check City for online personal loans in California. Check City allows a maximum of 31-day terms, making it easier for you to find your bearings before having to pay back your loan.  

Check City has a license from the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation according to the California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law. In layman’s terms, you can trust Check City to follow all necessary rules and regulations so that you don’t accidentally fall prey to an online loan scam. 

The minimum amount to apply for concerning payday loans is $100, and the APR interest rate ranges depending on your approved amount and term length. Typically, APR ranges between 214.68% and 460.16%, while terms range from 14-day to 30-day agreements. Check City also provides upfront finance charges, consisting of a $45 maximum and $17 minimum. 

If, of course, you have insufficient funds to cover costs, Check City will charge a $15 insufficient funds fee. While you may think Check City has many fees and costs, they adhere to California laws and provide them upfront, so you don’t get surprised when payment time comes around for you. 


Have you ever heard the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees?” Well, when you use Money Tree Inc. for online, short-term loans in California, getting a loan feels like having a money tree right in your backyard. Money Tree Inc. has a straightforward application process, with helpful links you can use to launch the application, download your necessary documentation, and acquire your money. 

Once you get approved–which will only take minutes–you can choose how you want your money delivered. Whether you need a direct deposit into your checking account, a prepaid card, pick the cash up at a branch store, or an ACH deposit, Money Tree Inc. has you covered. 

Money Tree Inc. is a trusted, direct lender that is licensed by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, so you can trust them to follow the proper channels and keep your sensitive information protected at all times. 

With a mission to exceed customer expectations, Money Tree Inc. has an excellent customer service team you can reach in-person at a branch location or on the phone through their public number provided on their website. The service, to help customers, also looks at financial reports rather than a single credit score to ensure you get the maximum loan amount approval.  


Cashback Loans Short-Term Loan California

Headquartered in La Quinta, California, you can trust Cashback Loans to provide you the most from your payday loan. Cashback Loans‘ sole purpose is to service California residents in getting the payday loans they need promptly. 

The Cashback Loans online application process for payday loans is so quick that you will never have to step foot in a brick-and-mortar location. The process is equally as easy as it is speedy. You only need to click apply, put in your information, and get approved from the website. 

You don’t have to enter an excessive amount of information either. All you need to apply for is a state ID, proof of steady income, and a bank account for direct deposit and financial inquiries. 

When you use Cashback Loans for online personal loans in California, you can get money in your account in as little as fifteen minutes. 

As for money, you can apply for the state maximum with Cashback Loans, $255. Their standard APR rate, following California law, is 460%; however, this rate will increase for shorter loan terms offered. Cashback Loans offers either bi-weekly or 30-day terms, so you can pay at your convenience rather than directly on your next pay date. 

For all questions, you can reach out to Cashback Loans friendly customer service staff through either their available phone numbers, email, or in-person at one of their physical locations in Southern California.    


Cash Factory Payday Loans

Cash Factory USA is government licensed, compliant with all state rules and regulations, and has serviced over 100,000 customers in need of loans. With a history fueled with credibility and prompt service, you can trust Cash Factory USA for online, short-term loans in California. 

When using Cash Factory USA for your payday loan needs, you don’t have to jump through hoops or get surprised with hidden fees on your payment day. Instead, Cash Factory USA puts all of their information, fees, and charges upfront, so you know what to expect before securing your payday loan. 

When it comes time to apply, Cash Factory USA keeps it simple and quick for your convenience. The company understands that sometimes you need some extra cash to take care of emergencies and whatnot, so it does its best to get you your funds promptly. 

Applying for a payday loan only takes minutes, and you get nearly instant approval upon submitting. As for funds, you can get your loan money within the same day you apply to use as you see fit–you don’t have to explain your loan requirement. 

Cash Factory USA also provides access to financial resources so you can learn about ways to stay in charge of your finances and how to use the money to your benefit. 


NetPay Advance Payday Loans

Don’t stress about your credit status when applying for payday loans; use Net Pay Advance to ease your mind and get your money fast. Since Net Pay Advance is a California state-licensed direct lender, you can trust the institution with your personal information. The service will never sell or reuse your information in any way, in compliance with state law. 

When you’re ready to apply for your payday loan, you can submit approval for up to the state maximum, $255. The whole process only takes minutes, and you can expect your funds within one business day. 

Net Pay Advance requires a $17.65 loan fee with your loan and expects payment within your next payday date; however, you can take as long as 31 days to pay back your loan. Per state law, Net Pay Advance expects that you pay your loan back in full when you have the cash instead of varying payment installations. 


Lendup Payday Loans

No matter your financial standing, whether you’re a wall street millionaire or struggling to raise your low credit score, LendUp does all it can to provide those in need with short-term online loans in California. The online institution is based in and licensed by California, so you can trust them to correctly take care of your payday loan needs.  

While LendUp wants to help customers with quick access to funds when they need payday loans, they care about customers’ long-term financial statuses too. That belief is why getting a payday loan won’t affect credit scores. The terms of their payday loans are straightforward and mean to help you out, not trap you in an endless cycle of debt. 

LendUp even offers free financial courses to help you out with your finances for the long term instead of simply providing you with funds when you need them. The process for payday loans is simple and quick. You can apply either online or through your smartphone. Either way, the whole process can take as little as five minutes. 

LendUp is also a direct lender in California, so you don’t have to go through endless intermediaries to go through applications and get approved. 


CashNet USA Payday Loans California

Keep the payday loan process quick, easy, and protected with Cash Net USA. Using Cash Net USA for online, short-term loans in California provides you up to the maximum amount allowed as permitted by California state law. Not only can you get the maximum–$255–you can get the money in the same day. 

Cash Net USA‘s application process only takes minutes, and you can get approved instantaneously upon submitting, so you don’t have to worry all day or week for an answer. If you’re worried about your less than perfect credit score, you should know that Cash Net USA has your best interest in mind. 

The service doesn’t just look at your credit score but your entire financial profile, giving you the benefit of the doubt. The company wants what’s best for its customers, and just looking at a single credit score is far from best practices. 

Cash Net USA’s customer service team, to provide even better service, is available seven days a week to keep you informed and answer all of your questions. For over 16 years, Cash Net USA has worked to get those in need approved for payday loans, including those who live in California.   


Check n Go Payday Loans California

When you use CheckNGo for online, short-term loans in California, you get an upfront explanation about the rules and regulations the service adheres to under California state laws. 

Since you reside in California, CheckNGo will prompt with reasoning for your payday loan requirement but provides a range for you to choose from, whereas other services might require specific needs to approve your loan. 

Plus, CheckNGo realizes that not all loans need to service emergency needs, so they offer a vacation or holiday expenses option for those who need the loan for personal exploration rather than strict emergency use. 

CheckNGo can provide the maximum payday loan amount concerning California, $255, but it won’t affect your score to get approved or apply. The application process only takes minutes, and you can get approved for your loan equally as fast. To make payments, CheckNGo provides access to an online payment portal so you can track your spending with ease.

If you need help at any time during, before, or after you apply for a payday loan with CheckNGo, you can access their team of experts for all inquiries. If safety is your concern, you needn’t worry because CheckNGo is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance and employs Norton Security to protect your sensitive information.


California Payday Loans Cash In A Snap

CashinaSnap has the experience and the number of lenders to give you the money and satisfaction you need from an online payday loan service. CashinaSnap has over 100 lenders within their network, making approval rates for payday loans extremely high even in a state where getting a loan is difficult. 

The application process for the online installment loans in California via CashinaSnap is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require a credit check for approval. The platform assures you that it will not affect your FICO credit score and has high-quality security programs in place to ensure your sensitive information’s safety. 

Approval for online, short-term loans in California with CashinaSnap typically arrives within the same day you apply. Your funds will arrive within a business day and, in some cases, within 24-hours because CashinaSnap recognizes the need for immediate use of emergency funds–the majority of payday loans use. 

If you get approved for a loan through CashinaSnap, a lender will contact you directly to go over your approved amount and the terms of the loan agreement. You don’t have to sit around waiting about whether or not you got approved with this quick contact. Plus, if you realize you don’t want to commit to the payday loan, you don’t have to; CashinaSnap provides a no-obligation application. 


Money Mart Payday Loans California

Since Money Mart has a California license and the online platform falls under California Consumer Privacy Act, you can trust this platform for online, short-term loans in California. It has followed the proper channels to ensure your safety while giving you the maximum payday loan possible in California, $255. 

Money Mart’s APR interest rate ranges between a steady 460% to 460.2%, whereas other payday loan platforms will charge varying interest rates depending on the sum and duration of your acquired loan. 

Going off of the interest rates, Money Mart is incredibly transparent in its rules and regulations. When California residents go to apply for a payday loan on the online platform, Money Mart presents an outline of California state laws regarding payday loan limitations. 

Not to mention, Money Mart has over 600 physical locations alongside a straightforward online and mobile platform. It’s a superior choice for individuals looking for online, short-term loans in California because it makes the option available to you, adheres to state laws, and gets you your money fast.  

Applying couldn’t get any simpler than Money Mart either. You only need to visit the website, select California as your state, choose your preferred loan amount and click apply. With such a straightforward application process, you can get your money faster. 


While California has restrictive laws against loans, you don’t have to give up on your emergency funds needs. Instead of searching tirelessly for a solution to your money problems, you can utilize one of the ten best online payday loans in California previously listed. 

All of these choices adhere to California laws, so you can trust them to provide you with the correct funds without fraudulent fees. You can also rely on all ten sources to protect your information. All you need to do is choose the online institution that most closely aligns with your payday loan needs and financial situation.

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