Best Wisconsin Online Payday Loans

When you need fast cash, payday loans can save you in a pinch. However, they require repayment within 31 days, or by your next payday, and often have a high annual percentage rate (APR). 

Short-term personal loans can provide emergency funds for people who can’t get it somewhere else. However, it’s crucial to consider the risk, especially if you may not be able to pay it off on time. 

Cash loans are easy to apply for online through various lending networks. You can find personal or installment loans online as well from the websites we recommend, with the funds arriving in your bank account in 1 business day. 

The 10 Best Online Payday Loans In Wisconsin

It may be difficult to know the difference between a legitimate loan provider and a scam. If you need online payday loans in Wisconsin, we’ve done the research and found the 10 best online loan providers. 

1. CashNetUSA

CashNet USA Wisconsin Online Payday Loans

This reputable online money lender has served over 3 million consumers since 2004. CashNetUSA is known for its quick application process, instant approval, and speedy access to funds for any financial emergencies. Their quick delivery allows you to receive your funds within the same business day if you apply early.

In addition to payday loans, CashNetUSA also provides lines of credit and online installment loans in Wisconsin. Applying for a loan with CashNetUSA will not affect your FICO score. You can quickly check your eligibility for a loan through their simple application process and apply for loans online 24/7. 

CashNetUSA provides an instant decision, which can be: Approved, Need More Information, or Declined. Depending on your qualifications, you can borrow between $300 to $1000 at a time in installment loans or take out a credit limit of $2,000. Loan terms fall between 6 to 9 months.

The APR changes depending on your loan repayment period. If your payment is more than 10 days late, there will be a fee of $10 or 5% of the unpaid installment payment. You can conveniently repay your loan earlier than your scheduled due date at no extra charge. 

2. Speedy Cash

Speedy Cash Wisconsin Online Payday  Loan

Speedy Cash is a direct lender that offers convenient online loans with enhanced speed, privacy, and flexibility. They are a member of the Online Lenders Alliance, which prioritizes customer service and safe, ethical online lending. Wisconsin residents can apply for installment loans of up to $500.

After submitting your online application, Speedy Cash will send a lending decision instantly or within a matter of minutes. You then select the amount you need, review the fees and repayment schedule, and agree to the terms of service. You will then receive your cash directly in your bank account or select instant funding to your debit card. 

Depending on the type of payment plan you choose, either biweekly or monthly, the APR and fees will change. Longer loan terms generally have a lower APR. If you make biweekly payments on a $500 installment loan, your finance charge will be $640.74 with an APR of 356.461%. In this example, the repayment would be complete after 13 payments. 

Unfortunately, Speedy Cash does not offer payday loans in Wisconsin, but they do have installment loans where you can pay them back over time, unlike typical payday loans. You also have the option to make payments earlier than the due date to avoid accruing more daily interest. 

3. Check Into Cash

Check Into Cash Wisconsin Payday Loans Online

With over 25 years of experience as an industry leader and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Check Into Cash is a licensed money lender that provides several loan options online and in-store for Wisconsin residents. They offer payday loans of up to $1,200 to help cover your unplanned expenses. 

Right after you fill out the safe and encrypted online application, you will receive immediate conditional approval. A customer service representative will then contact you to verify your information. If your application is approved, Check Into Cash deposits the funds directly into your bank account the next business day. 

Check Into Cash also offers title loans and installment loans online. Their entire loan transaction is completely confidential. However, there is a service fee of $0.61 for database verification. 

There is a helpful online payday advance fee schedule for you to see the fees associated with the amount of cash you borrow. For example, if you take out a loan of $100, you are required to pay a $25 fee with an APR of 651.79%. If your repayment check returns unsatisfied because of insufficient funds in your bank account, you will be charged a fee of up to $15. 

4. LendNation Milwaukee

LendNation Online Payday Loans In Wisconsin

With a variety of money services and loans, LendNation is a network that gets you the cash you need quickly and easily for Wisconsin residents. Installment loans are available in-store and online. You can pay off the loan over time and choose between more flexible term and payment options with no penalties for paying early. 

LendNation offers Wisconsin residents cash loans of up to $2,000. The first payment is due on or near your payday. Fixed payments can be set for 6 to 12 months. For a 10-month loan of $1,000, your first scheduled biweekly payment would be $174.18 and have an APR of 427.81%. 

After applying for a loan online, you will receive a decision right away on whether or not you are pre-approved for a specific amount. Then the cash will be available instantly with Instant Debit Card Funding or through direct deposit within 1 business day. 

All you need in order to apply is a current US-issued photo ID, a verifiable source of income, a bank statement from within the last 30 days, an active checking account, and a working phone number.

LendNation’s money services include Check Cashing, which does not require a bank account; WesternUnion, which offers convenient transfer services; and Insight Mobile Banking card, which you can use to pay bills, deposit your paycheck, and manage your purchases. 

5. Uprova

Uprova is a helpful alternative to aggressive payday loans that eliminates high-interest fees and prevents borrowers from falling deep into debt. Providing short-term financial relief for users, Uprova grants quick and confidential Tribal fixed-term installment loans to anyone regardless of their credit score. Their transactions follow federal and tribal regulations, as well as Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) guidelines. 

The loan application takes mere minutes and guarantees a quick approval decision. If the application is approved, you can expect the money to be deposited directly into your bank account in up to 30 minutes. You can borrow tribal installment loan amounts between $300 to $1,000. 

Tribal installment loans have no hidden fees and no prepayment penalties. At any time, you can pay the full repayment. 

With Uprova’s internet-based installment loans, borrowers have flexible terms, lenient pay structures, and reasonable rates. The fixed payment term sets clear expectations for borrowers. Uprova reports credit activity to relevant credit bureaus, helping their customers build a positive credit history when they make on-time payments. 

With fast funding, free FICO Credit Score checks, repayments over time, and no hidden penalties or fees, Uprova’s installment loans are fast, convenient, and secure for approved borrowers. 

6. Check City

Since 1986, Check City has helped thousands of customers with payday loans that you can apply for easily online using their quick application process. They are a direct payday lender, eliminating the insecurity, hassle, and extra fees that come with third parties. In Wisconsin, Check City only offers online loan options. 

Check City is known for its superb customer service. They focus on fostering healthy relationships with their customers to provide exactly what they need. Check City keeps their customers safe by using data encryption and security scan services, so you don’t need to worry about sharing your personal information. 

For installment online loans, you can borrow up to $3,000 with a repayment term between 5-6 months. The APR and fees change depending on your payback method and loan amount. When you enroll in automatic payments, a loan amount of $700 with monthly repayments will have an APR of 386.40%. The APR decreases the longer your loan is, but that is not necessarily ideal because your debt will accrue interest daily. 

You must cancel your loan before 5:00 PM Mountain Time the following day after your loan transaction. You must fax or email Check City a written notice of your intent and written authorization of a debit entry to your bank account for the loan amount. 

7. MoneyMutual

MoneyMutual Wisconsin Online Payday Loans

MoneyMutual is a reputable online lending marketplace that offers up to $2,500 in online short-term loans in Wisconsin. Over 2 million customers have used MoneyMutual to fund their financial emergencies. MoneyMutual is not a direct lender but works as a network to connect customers to available lenders. 

Their straightforward online form takes less than 5 minutes to complete. After your application is submitted, MoneyMutual works to connect you to lenders willing to offer you the cash. Once a lender is found, which can take mere minutes, you can review their offer and terms of the agreement. After you accept their terms, you can receive funds in as little as 24 hours. 

The interest rate and loan term vary with your loan amount and lender. The lender sends you the actual terms and conditions of the offered loan, which include the finance charges, dates for repayment, and interest rate. A representative loan example shows that a $200 loan with a term of 14 days has an APR of 391.07%, meaning you will need to repay $230. 

If you do not agree with the payday loan offer, you can decline and resubmit your application to find another lender through MoneyMutual at no extra cost. MoneyMutual is ideal for those looking for fast cash with various lender options. 

8. RISE Credit

Rise Credit Wiscinson Payday Loans Online

RISE is a direct lender that also offers tools to help their customers understand their credit scores and develop better financial habits. They specialize in unsecured installment loans and lines of credit for those who may not be able to get funds elsewhere. 

After submitting a payday loan application online, users will receive a loan decision within minutes. Any applications approved before 6 PM EST will be funded by the next business day. All customers have 5 days after application approval to decide whether to take the loan or reject the offer. 

When applying online for a loan through RISE, you can be approved for $300 to $5,000. The repayment term ranges from 7 to 26 months, and the APR will be between 60% to 299% depending on your loan amount. Unlike secured loans, RISE does not require you to risk any collateral to borrow the money you need. 

RISE Credit lowers rates for customers that make on-time payments. They also offer a flexible payment schedule so you can choose your terms, including paying it off early with no additional fees. RISE also provides your TransUnion credit score and credit alerts for free, allowing you to see if your credit is going in the right direction. 

9. MayBeLoan

Maybe Loan Wisconsin Online Cash Advance

MayBeLoan offers numerous benefits for customers applying for a payday loan, such as fast approval, on-the-go applications, and transparent agreements.

With MayBeLoan, you can forgo the long and tedious loan forms you might find at the bank. Their simple form takes only 2 minutes to complete. Their application decision is almost instant. If you are approved, they will deposit your loans within 24 hours. 

Along with forms that are easy to fill out and almost immediate approval, MayBeLoan also provides the convenience of applying for loans on the go. You can apply from your office, bedroom, or even in the middle of traffic. All you need is the internet and an electronic device to apply. 

There is no maximum loan amount specified for Wisconsin residents. The repayment term varies from 1 week to 31 days, depending on your next payday. If you borrow any amount between $30 and $100, there may be an acquisition charge of one-tenth of your payday loan amount. For a 14-day loan of $100, the highest APR you can expect is 309%. 

MayBeLoan remains transparent with all of its transactions and agreements, ensuring its customers receive a fair rate and repayment plan. All you need to apply as a legal resident of Wisconsin is proof of address, a stable income, a working phone number, and a valid email address. 

10. LendUp

Wisconsin Lendup Payday Loans Online

LendUp has been a direct lender since 2011, providing payday loans to customers of all credit backgrounds who need quick emergency cash. You can apply in as little as 5 minutes and receive an instant decision. 

Their loans come with no debt traps or hidden fees. Instead, they provide an affordable way to build credit and break out of nasty debt cycles. For Wisconsin residents, LendUp offers online payday loans that have lower rates than from other lenders with no hidden fees.  

LendUp also provides customers access to credit education and financial resources and tools made to assist people in managing their credit and financial goals for the future. Approved LendUp customers receive a personal dashboard where they can view the details of their loan 24/7. 

To qualify for a LendUp payday loan in Wisconsin, you must have a reliable source of income, a working checking account, proof of residency in Wisconsin, and cannot be an active member of the military or a dependent of an active military member.


Quick cash advances are not recommended as long-term financial solutions, but they can cover unexpected emergencies until your next payday. Payday loans are very accessible even if you have bad credit. 

Cash advances typically come with very high APR and other fees, which may be difficult for some to repay in the short loan term. Borrowers that find themselves in a cycle of payday loans should seek credit counseling to assess their financial health. 

If all you need is some quick cash to cover you in a tight spot, these top money lenders and networks on this list are trustworthy and responsible. They will protect your privacy and provide you the funds you need quickly into your bank account. 

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