Best Online Payday Loans in Alabama

Since online, short-term loans in Alabama are legal, you’ll find many choices on the internet when looking for a payday loan service. While many options are great, it may prove intensive when you need cash quickly because you won’t know which site is the best for your needs. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best online payday loans in Alabama to help you with your search so you can spend less time looking for a payday loan and more time getting money in your pocket.

The following online personal loans in Alabama adhere to Alabama laws while providing you quick access to funds and approval, and protection for the personal information you submit. Keep reading to find out which online payday loan institution in Alabama best suits your needs.

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Best Online Payday Loans in Alabama

Here’s our list of 10 best options for online payday loans in Alabama:


Cash Central Payday Loans Alabama

For complete transparency when looking for a payday loan in Alabama, you might want to look at Cash Central. The payday loan platform displays all of their payday loan information upfront for a straightforward explanation to any questions you may have regarding potential fees, terms, and loan amounts. 

When you use Cash Central for online, short-term loans in Alabama, you can apply for a $500 maximum for a payday loan. If you don’t need that much money, the minimum amount you can apply for is $100. Depending on the amount you need and the term you choose for paying back, the APR rate will change. Typically, for Cash Central, the APR rate ranges between 354.86% and 638.75%. 

With your loan and term, you will also acquire a finance charge. Unlike the APR rate, which decreases as the loan term increases, the finance charge increases as your loan amount increases. For instance, if you acquire a $100 payday loan, you will pay a $17.50 finance charge. If you receive approval for a $500 payday loan, you will pay an $87.50 finance charge. 

As far as the term goes, you can pay back your payday loan in up to 18 days. When it comes time to repay your loan, you don’t have to worry about remembering the specific date. Instead, Cash Central automatically withdraws the amount from your linked banking account.


Lending Bear Payday Loans

Lending Bear keeps everything straightforward with its rules for online, short-term loans in Alabama. The platform is state-licensed, so it follows per the law, the APR rate, finance charge rate, and amount. 

Lending Bear’s payday loans range from $100 to $500 with a state-regulated 17.5% fee charge rate. For a more in-depth look, the fee charge equals $17.50 for every $100 you acquire; therefore, if you receive the maximum payday loan amount, you’ll have an $87.50 fee. 

The APR rate also remains the same no matter your payday loan amount. You can expect a 456.35% APR rate for a 14-day payday loan term. Terms through Lending Bear cannot exceed 31-days but cannot fall below 10-days either. The varying term lengths provide you with some flexibility, so you can get your finances in order before you need to repay the loan in full. 

Applying for online personal loans in Alabama through Lending Bear is relatively quick. You can even expect funds deposited into your account within the same day you apply. You can also take advantage of Lending Bear’s elite customer service team to answer any question you have before, during, and after applying for a payday loan.


Alabama Title Loans Inc

Although the name states title loans, Alabama Title Loans Inc. also provides payday loans with a simple application process and a $500 maximum approval. Not to mention, Alabama Title Loans Inc. doesn’t require a credit check, so you don’t have to worry about an adverse credit score impact when you apply. 

The application process is a bit more involved than others, with more documentation needed, but it yields the same results as competitors; money in your pocket when you need it, fast. The whole process takes about thirty minutes. This time frame is a lot faster than going to a physical establishment and sitting through an application run-through. 

However, if you happen to have questions along the way, Alabama Title Loans’ customer service team is eager to answer. Within minutes of submitting your application, a customer service representative will contact you about your approval and will go over the terms of your payday agreement. 

The representative will also go over all APR rates and extra fees included with the payday loan so that you can get a full picture of what you’re getting into before you sign any agreement. Upon approval and your agreement, you will immediately receive the funds. 


Looking for a fast cash fix? Look to Maybe Loan. The application process for online installment loans in Alabama is a speedy five minutes. If you get approved, you can expect your money within 24-hours. Because of Maybe Loan’s convenient website and efficient application, you can comfortably apply for a payday loan on the go or in your home. 

While Alabama has specific rules and regulations to follow concerning rates and amounts, Maybe Loan does its best to provide customers with the best deals. Using Maybe Loan, you don’t have to worry as much about payments and making things work as they do about getting their money and using it for what they need. 

Maybe Loan also doesn’t care about what your credit score sits at. Whether it is low or high, Maybe Loan accounts for your full financial profile to give you a loan that works for you rather than dismissing individuals with low credit scores right off the bat.


Check Into Cash Payday Loans

While Check into Cash has various locations throughout Alabaman, their online platform is super easy and convenient to use when applying for a payday loan. Whether you need help paying medical bills or want a little extra assistance paying for an upcoming vacation, Check into Cash provides you with a range of payment options for payday loans. 

You can apply for between $50 and $500 following Alabama state laws and regulations. After you apply for your payday loan, you can expect approval from Check into Cash within minutes of submitting it. When you apply online and get approval, you can get your funds within one business day. 

Check into Cash also ensures your safety through encryption and various safety protocols. You can trust their service to never sell or use your information in any way. With over 700 physical stores nationwide and over 25 experience in delivering a range of loans, Check into Cash has a credible reputation you can trust. 

If you want to see your approval chances or want to get a quote for a payday loan before you apply, you can access Check into Cash’s direct quote service number for your inquiry. For all other inquiries, Check into Cash has a friendly, attentive customer service team to answer. 


Check n Go Payday Loans

Whether you need extra funds for emergency services or a deposit on a new apartment, Check N Go provides online personal loans in Alabama for those in need. Their payday loans range from $50 to $500 per Alabama state laws concerning loans. 

As long as you have a steady income source, a valid Alabama state ID, an active address, and a phone number, you can apply online for a payday loan with Check N Go. The application process online is fast and efficient. The service, upon approval, delivers your funds immediately to your associated bank account. Or, if you choose, you can pick up your funds in-person. 

Check N Go has over a thousand locations nationwide alongside their easily workable website, making them a reputable source for payday loans in the United States. Even if you have poor credit, ChecknGo has many suitable options to accommodate your credit status and won’t negatively impact your credit score when you apply for a payday loan. 

They also have a high-quality customer service base you can reach out to if you have any trouble navigating the online system or loan choices alongside a highly secure system to protect your confidential information. 



Always Money Payday Loans

Always Money makes getting a payday loan always convenient in Alabama. The service lets you apply online at your leisure or over the phone with one of their attentive representatives. The application process is simple and if you choose the over-the-phone process, you can ask as many questions as you like throughout. 

Even if you don’t choose to apply for online, short-term loans in Alabama over the phone with Always Money, you can always access Always Money’s customer service team via their toll-free number listed on their website. No matter how you choose, you can get instant approval for your loan. 

Following Alabama state laws regarding payday loans, you can apply for between $50 and $500 to use as you see fit. The APR rates vary depending on your loan amount and term length, but you can always ask an Always Money representative for more information if you get confused or don’t want to get surprised with extra fees. 

Always Money has serviced the regional area for over 20 years, making them a reputable source in the Alabama community for payday loans. Besides experience, Always Money always upholds Community Financial Services Associations’ best practices.

Because of their commitment to following the proper channels and adhering to mandated regulations, you can trust them to handle your situation, money, and personal information.  


Snappy Payday Loans

Snappy Payday Loans is an online payday loan direct lender in Alabama. They understand that life happens and customers need money fast, which is why they’ve streamlined the payday loan application and approval process so that you can get your funds faster and more efficiently. Their entire platform works online, so you’ll never need to step foot in a physical store. 

While other online payday loan services charge the premium APR rate, Snappy Payday Loans implements a 456% APR rate maximum instead. Since 456% is the maximum, you can expect lesser loan installations to have a lesser rate. Snappy Payday Loans also allows for one rollover payday loan, meaning you can potentially have two payday loans at once. 

If two at once isn’t for you, but you’d potentially need another payday loan, you’re free to apply again after a brief cool-off period. Payday loan terms typically range from 10-31 days for Snappy Payday Loans and a 17.5% maximum fee charge per $100 acquired.   

Since payday loans have received a bad rap in the past, Snappy Payday Loans works to reinstate their usefulness by giving you the most benefits and attentive customer service. Ultimately, Snappy Payday Loans wants the best for their customers, so you can trust them for upfront rates and charges, and get your money quickly. 


If you want a credible, reliable source to protect your personal information while simultaneously giving you your money fast and efficiently, you might want to consider Speedy Loan for online personal loans in Alabama. From their website, you’ll find all of their security and lending certifications.

While Speedy Loan offers a range of loan services, they mostly care about giving customers the funds they need to maneuver difficult financial situations. That’s why their online application is not only fast but secure, so you don’t have to worry about hackers compromising your personal, sensitive information. 

Speedy Loan also offers payment options to help customers rebuild or maintain credit while providing them with loans. Since Speedy Loan adheres to Alabama state law regarding loan finances, the maximum payday loan amount you can apply for is $500. 

Speedy Loan designed their application and approval process specifically to make it only two minutes long, making it one of the fastest payday loan services available. Once you get approved for your applied amount, Speedy Loan delivers funds within 24-hours. 

If something comes up between the day you receive your fund and the day you need to repay the loan to the point where you can’t meet the required payment amount, Speedy Loan’s customer service team is happy to help you out.  


Advance America Payday Loan Service

Advance America’s online short-term loans in Alabama provide customers with a straightforward platform for acquiring a payday loan. Before you submit to apply for your payday loan, you can use Advance America’s convenient loan calculator to determine the payments, with interest, you should expect depending on your loan amount and term. 

Advance America payday loans range between $50 and $500 following Alabama state laws concerning loans. After you decide on a loan amount, you can choose either a bi-weekly or monthly repayment date since payday loans typically get paid off within the next payday cycle. 

Using Advance America’s loan calculator, you can see how much you’ll need to pay at the end of the month or after two weeks with either a 212.91% or 456.25% APR rate. All loans come with a specific finance charge based on the payday loan amount you receive and Alabama’s laws. The finance charge will increase as your loan amount increases but remains at a 17.5% rate per $100. 

Advance America makes paying back your payday loan quick and easy with its short-term choices, and you can visit one of the company’s many Alabama locations to make payments directly or for in-person advice about payday loans. No matter your loan amount or term, Advance America does not require a credit check to apply or receive funds.  


There are many online payday loan options available since payday loans have grown quite popular, and Alabama doesn’t have many restrictions. 

When you look for your payday loan source, you’ll probably want to look for a source that follows Alabama state laws concerning loans so that you know you’re using a credible source as opposed to an online scam. 

You’ll also want to get the best rates and efficiency from the service. Most importantly, you want a payday loan from a source that best suits your individual needs. 

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