Lower Xfinity Bill

As the wise Peter Griffin once said, “know what really grinds my gears?” Xfinity commercials. Why do Xfinity commercials grind my gears? Because they talk about how awesome their service is and offer super low deals for NEW subscribers. Meanwhile, long-term Comcast and Xfinity subscribers get their bill jacked up to almost unbearable levels. Does this seem fair? Brand new subscribers pay LESS while you, a loyal and long-term customer pay MORE? This grinds my gears almost as much as when you call their customer support number and they say “thanks for being a part of the Xfinity family!” Ugh!

In any case, those of you with Xfinity do know that it’s a reasonable service that improves our lives. Having all of your services at one company with one bill makes things so much easier. On the other hand, doesn’t it SUCK to not have a voice? To just be forced to accept whatever bill increase they want to give you?

A new startup company based in Tennessee is changing all of that. They’ve found a way to get you a lower Xfinity bill and they guarantee they can do it.

How It Works

The service I’m referring to is called Bill Fixers. This service was founded by two brothers while they were in college. They didn’t think the service would go anywhere, but since graduation (and passing the bar exam!), they have been working to save people on their bills full-time.

In short, you send them your most recent Xfinity bill and they will negotiate a lower bill for you on your behalf. The vast majority of people who try to lower their cable, internet, or phone bills are not successful. Bill Fixers, on the other hand, has a success rate of over 90% and their speciality is dealing with Comcast / Xfinity services.

In addition to their success rate, they often know about unpublished specials, promotions, and deals that you would never know about. So, they spend all the time on customer service lines negotiating on your behalf. If they can’t save you money, you don’t pay. If they do save you money, you simply split the difference in your savings with them. They will allow you to pay them over 12 months so you’re never actually out of pocket any money. It’s certainly worth giving a try!

Why Is It So Hard To Get A Lower Xfinity Bill?

One of the big determining factors in getting a lower Xfinity bill is the competition in your area. Xfinity has a near monopoly on services in many parts of the country and they know this. If Xfinity is your only option, the chances of them lowering your bill is not good. If there is a lot of competition in your area, you will have better odds.

They also make the process of lowering your bill extremely difficult. Sometimes, the initial customer service rep you talk to is not even “authorized” to lower you Xfinity bill. That mean, you have to wait on hold or wait to get a call from a higher tier customer service rep. Even then, they will most likely not lower your bill unless you sign up for crappier service. Bill fixers promises to lower your bill with the SAME or BETTER service.

It is certainly worth trying to lower your Xfinity bill yourself before using a service like Bill Fixers to do it for you, but plan on it being a giant pain in the butt with low chances of success.

Why You DESERVE To Pay Less!

If you have Xfinity, that means you are paying for multiple services in a bundle package. Right there, you deserve to pay less and upon initial signup, you usually do. However, consider this. After 12 months, your Xfinity bill went WAY up after all the initial signup promotions expired, right? Right. How long have you been paying that higher bill and how many times will they keep increasing it?

The price of technology goes DOWN over time! They should be thrilled that you’re still willing to pay for a landline telephone. They should be thrilled you aren’t demanding to pay less for the same relatively slow internet speeds. They should be thrilled that you aren’t complaining that cable television technology has not improved in a decade or longer. And they ARE thrilled that you don’t complain about these very real issues.

We’re talking about multi-billion dollar corporations here that have a monopoly in many areas. They make a ton of money and they will gouge you for all they can without a care in the world. It’s time to have a voice and it’s time to stand up to these crooks. It’s time we do whatever we can to lower our Xfinity bills, whether we do it ourselves or resort to professional services that will lower your bill for you. If you’re reading this page, you’re already thinking about lowering your Xfinity bill. The worst thing you could do is nothing. Give yourself a voice and at least try!

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