Lower Verizon Bill

I’ve been a Verizon customer for a few years now. I not only have cell service through them, but I also use a WiFi hotspot device which is ridiculously expensive for the data I need to use. Recently, I decided to call Verizon and try to get my bill reduced since I’ve been a loyal customer for a while. Of course, I was met with resistance. First, I was told they could lower my data plan and lower the minutes on my cell phone plan, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to same service, for less. The cost of technology goes down over time, so why hasn’t my bill?!

I was finally transferred to a “supervisor” and after waiting on hold for about 10 minutes, the supervisor basically told me the same thing. She then said that she would pass the information over to a higher level support rep and they would give me a call as soon as possible. Of course, that call never came. I called back 3 days later and they had no record of our prior conversation. Ugh! Time to start all over again!

How To Cheat The System And Get A Lower Verizon Bill

My experience above is all too common with cell carriers, cable companies, and just about any utility company. Most people never even bother calling their cell carriers because they know it’s going to be a pain and they know they likely won’t succeed. Because of this, a new service now exists.

This startup company was created one year ago for one main purpose… To help you save money on your bills. They accomplish that by calling your providers FOR you! To date, they have a success rate exceeding 90% and an average savings of 35%. Not only will they lower your Verizon bill, but they will attempt to lower any other bills you have as well.

The advantage of using that service more than justifies their fees if they succeed. They do charge 50% of your first years savings, but you can split that up over a 12 months period so you’re never actually out of pocket. They are also the ones who spend all the time on the phone with customer support while you sit back and relax. And finally, these guys know about all sorts of unpublished promotions and specials that you don’t know about. They haggle with companies like Verizon all day, every day, so they know how to haggle.

These guys do it right, too. They never call up pretending to be you. Instead, they always inform Verizon that they are calling on your behalf. You will also never need to give them secret passwords, your mothers maiden name, your social security number, or anything like that. Click here to give them a try.

How To Get A Lower Verizon Bill On Your Own

While I highly recommend using the above service, you might be put off by the 50% cut they take for the first year. You probably won’t be able to save as much money on your own (if you can save at all), but it’s always worth giving it a try. Here are some pointers on how to get a lower Verizon bill by calling the Verizon customer support number.

First of all, you need to set aside enough time to get this done. The first customer service representative you talk to at Verizon will likely not even have the ability to lower your bill unless you switch to a lower plan. You’ll need to haggle with the first customer service rep long enough to get to a second tier rep. Even then, they might not have the authority to lower your bill for you. So, you just need to keep rising up the chain. This can get frustrating because you basically have to sit on hold each time you’re transferred. Sometimes, you’ll get “accidentally” disconnected and you’ll need to start all over again.

You’ll also need to be prepared to call them back at another time. Sometimes you get customer service reps at Verizon that will not budge at all. Other times, you’ll get reps that are very helpful. Keep in mind, customer service reps are judged, among other things, by how much money they KEEP at the company. Some reps are more firm than others, so keep trying if at first you don’t succeed.

Lastly, be careful about the threats you make. If you threaten to cancel your service unless they lower your bill, what do you do if Verizon doesn’t budge? Are you willing to go through with your threat? If so, more power to you. Otherwise, try to stay calm, civil, friendly, and don’t make threats you aren’t willing to go through with.

Trying to get a lower Verizon bill can be a challenge, but with the tips above or the help of this service, you just might be successful. It’s certainly worth giving a shot!

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