Lower Cable Bill

Most of the advice out there about how to get a lower cable bill will show you ways to lower your cable bill by decreasing the level of service you have. Others will advise you to cancel your cable service entirely by simply relying on streaming services. However, many of us like having cable television, especially for live events such as sports, but we are sick and tired of cable companies jacking up our bills.

It happens to everyone… When you first sign up for a cable service, you get a great monthly rate. When you sign up, you’re told it’s a temporary “new subscriber” rate and that your monthly fee would go up in 3, 6, or 12 months. When that time comes, it hurts! Your cable bills skyrockets and you are forced to decide whether it’s even worth it.

What if you could reduce your EXISTING cable service by an average of 35%? There is a new service that claims they can do just that.

Hiring Professionals To Get A Lower Cable Bill? It Just Might Make Sense!

It seems like an oxymoron. Why would you pay someone else to lower your cable bill? There is actually a good reason to consider hiring a service that will lower your bill for you.

First of all, this service will not charge you anything unless they save you money. If they do, they will split the cost of their service over the course of 12 months, meaning you will never actually be out of pocket. They simply take a percentage of your savings for the first year.

The question begs to be asked, though… Can’t you just lower your cable bill yourself?

The unfortunate truth is that less than half the people who call to lower their cable bill actually succeed. Not to mention, all the time they spent dealing with customer service reps, transfers, and sitting on hold is simply a pain in the ass. By using a professional service like Bill Fixers, all of that hassle is done for you. All you do is send them the latest copy of your cable bill and they guarantee to lower it for you. They have a success rate of over 90% and on average save people 35% on their bills.

Another advantage to using a bill negotiation service is that these guys negotiate bills all day long, every day. This means, they understand how to get things done AND they also have access to “insider” knowledge such as unpublished packages and deals that most everyday consumers don’t know about. If you need anything else changed on your service, they will take care of that, too.

So, in short, you are always free to try and get a lower cable bill on your own first, but if you don’t succeed, using a service like this one is a great way to go. If they can lower your cable bill, you will save money and the service pays for itself. If they can’t lower it, you don’t pay a thing and THEIR time is wasted, not yours.

Why People Have So Much Trouble Getting A Lower Cable Bill

Getting a lower cable bill is more difficult than most people think. Many areas have a near monopoly on cable services, especially areas that require the use of satellite television. It’s also a big pain in the butt to switch cable services. You have to return equipment, be without TV for a few days until the new cable company installer can come, you have to sign new contracts, relearn the channels and guides, etc. These cable companies know full well that it’s a pain for you to leave, so they can stand firm on their pricing.

When you first call your cable service provider to try and get a lower cable bill, you will likely get in touch with a “first level” customer service rep. These customer service reps are often times not authorized to lower your bill unless you change service packages. If they don’t budge, which they likely won’t, you’ll be put on hold until a higher level service rep can speak with you. Now, remember that whoever you talk to is being graded and judged by the company they work for. The more money they keep in the company, the higher they get rated, so they will pull every trick in the book in order to keep you paying the same as you’re paying now.

In short, getting a lower cable bill yourself is very difficult. As crazy as it might seem, this has actually created an industry of professional negotiators that will lower your bill for you.

Some Final Thoughts

We all have a love/hate relationship with cable TV providers. We want to keep getting the service we are paying for, but since technology costs go down over time, we should all be allowed to benefit by receiving lower bills over time. Isn’t it a little unfair that the longest term and most loyal cable customers are the ones who end up paying the most? If you’re tired of not having a voice, you should call and pester your cable company for a lower bill every year, or simply use a service to do that for you. Either way, it’s time we start fighting back against these cable company monopolies.

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