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Recently, I heard about a service called Bill Fixers in this Reddit thread. They have a couple follow up threads as well. I was intrigued by their service becuase it’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that!” businesses. In this Bill Fixers review, we’ll take a closer look at this unique business and whether or not it’s even worth signing up for them.

Who Are The Bill Fixers?

During my research into Bill Fixers, I was lucky enough to get in touch with the actual owners. In short, Bill Fixers is based out of Nashville, Tennessee and is still a small business. It was founded by brothers Julian Kurland and Ben Kurland who are some of the smartest entrepreneurs I’ve ever seen. Since they began Bill Fixers a little over a year ago, they have grown rapidly and have had to bring on a few more members to their team. Because they are still a small operation, their service is extremely personable. They make it as easy as possible to submit your information so they can start saving you money on your bills.

How Did Bill Fixers Get Started?

A couple of years ago, the founders were attempting to negotiate their ever-increasing Comcast bill… for the FIFTH time. Like most people who call the customer service numbers for any cable, cell, or internet company, they found the entire process to me almost purposely difficult. From waiting on hold to the endless transfers and, of course, the “accidental” disconnects (who hasn’t had THAT happen?), talking to customer service reps can be a nightmare.

However, these two brothers took this as a business opportunity. What if they could call and haggle lower prices for others? What if, after some practice, they could start learning all of the special promotions (both advertised and unadvertised) as well as streamline the process to negotiating lower bills?

They’ve done just that. These days, they are able to save people money 95% of the time. How much can they save you? On average, they can save you 35%. That adds up over the course of a year!

How Much Does Bill Fixers Cost? Can’t I Just Lower My Bills Myself?

The standard rate is 50% of your first year savings. Seem like a high price to pay? It’s not.

For starters, as I previously mentioned, Bill Fixers has a 95% success rate. This is insane. Customer service departments at companies like Comcast are judged based on how much money they keep at the company. So, if you call up to lower your bill, their main goal is to make sure when you hang up, you are still a customer and you are still paying the same price. They have many, many tricks up their sleeves to accomplish this. That means, on average, most people are not successful negotiating lower bills for themselves! It’s a fact that less than half of the people who call to lower their cable or internet bills actually succeed.

Bill Fixers, on the other hand, has a 95% success rate AND they will save you all the time it would take you to sit on hold and get transferred around to different customer service reps. In addition, if they don’t save you money, you don’t pay. This makes them quite motivated to save you money. This service literally pays for itself.

I’d like to also mention that Bill Fixers is great at not only lowering bills, but also getting people better service for less money! For instance, they might save you $20 per month on your internet bill, but you also might get faster service on top of that. All they do, all day long, is call and haggle with customer service reps. They know what all of the advertised and even unadvertised promotions are.

In short, don’t even waste your time. Let Bill Fixers lower your bills for you while you sit back and relax.

Don’t I Need To Give Them Personal Information To Lower My Bills? How Can They Make Changes To My Account?

These are some of the first questions I had about Bill Fixers. How in the heck do they make changes to someone else’s accounts? I wouldn’t feel very comfortable handing over secret passwords or answers to security questions. I also don’t want someone calling my providers PRETENDING to be me.

Fortunately, none of this is necessary with Bill Fixers. Most of the time, all you need to send them is a recent copy of your bill. That is usually enough information for them to get things started. In some cases, you may need to add Bill Fixers as an authorized company to negotiate on your behalf. Bill Fixers has made this a simple process that takes no more than a few minutes on your end. If you can say “yes” over the phone, you can authorize them to negotiate your account for you.

Finally, they were very clear that they never call and pretend to be the account holder. They always identify who they are and that they are calling on a customers behalf. So yes, this is all legit and they don’t need all those passwords and secret security questions that you probably wouldn’t want to give them.

The Verdict

In short, Bill Fixers is an AWESOME idea founded by two brothers who are the American definition of entrepreneurs. This is an awesome service run by awesome people with no real disadvantages. They can save you more money and get you better service than you probably could on your own and they will save you all that time dealing with customer service reps. What isn’t to like!?

If you’d like to give them a try, click here and get started. It only takes a few minutes and it’s free.

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